January Book Haul

Recounting the new books I got in January.

Kindle Books

Half of these are participants in SPFBO 6, three of which are the semi-finalists I’ll be reviewing for Booknest, so look for those in the next month or three.

I also picked up the story structure book since I’m determined to make some kind of progress on book 3 this year.


A lot of these are courtesy of 2-for-1 credit sales and the fact that my mother-in-law gave six months worth of credits at Christmas. I took advantage to pick up a few that I’d been meaning to read for a while (Mistborn and Dies the Fire, I’m looking at you). I also picked up the Save the Cat book in one of those sales since, like I said, I really need to get back to work on book 3.

There are also some that I got on audio that already had copies of. The fact that I got books 1 & 2 in Dyrk Ashton’s Paternus trilogy is mainly due to my somewhat OCD completist nature (I can’t have just book 3 in my audio library…) and I got The Neil Gaiman Reader since it combines almost all my favourite short stories from three separate collection into one place. As for The Hobbit, I grabbed that purely because it was a daily deal and I wanted to hear Andy Serkis’ narration.

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