June Goals Review

It is with mixed feelings that I look back on the past month. Oh well.

  • Post new reviews to Booknest.

I did manage to get this one done. Maybe not quite consistently but I did get three reviews posted (yes, I’m including the one I mentioned in the original post). I think going forward I’m going to work on making a schedule of these.

  • Daily interaction on Twitter.

Maybe I didn’t do this every single day but I did at least remember to do so more days than I didn’t.

One thing I did notice, at least as far as daily hashtag prompts were concerned, is that I tended to start the week off well before tailing off around Thursday or Friday. So now that I know that, it gives me an area for me to work on.

Plus I did keep to what I had said about not using House in Exile for these prompts. For some of them I used characters I’d created in some of my previous short works, but in a couple of them I did brand new stuff. More for my fragments file.

  • Masterclass coursework.

*Sigh* I didn’t even come close here.

  • Work on House in Exile.

Or here. *larger sigh*

On to July.

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