Review – Blackest Knights

A boy discovers a previously unknown power when his village is attacked. An elvish knight has sworn to uphold an ancient law by any and all means. A trio of friends travels a dark land on a mission to rescue their loved ones. A newly made lord of hell finds keeping a promise is harder than it seems. These are just some of the stories I enjoyed in this book.

One of the great benefits of an anthology is that you can sample works by multiple authors in small portions. In this aspect, Blackest Knights succeeded admirably. With 19 stories from 16 authors, there an embarrassment of riches to enjoy in this book. And, since some take place in the worlds already established by their respective authors, it acts as an introduction to them as well.

Even though some do tie into larger works, every story in this book stands on its own, their characters and plots independent enough that no prior knowledge is necessary to understand and enjoy. Granted not every story will please everyone, but grimdark fans are certainly find something of interest.

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