February & March Book Haul

I’m making a bit of a virtue out of my procrastination here. I had intended to do a book haul post last month, especially after the mammoth catch-up one I had to do here. But, as it turns out if I had, the February post would have been exclusively ebooks and the March one would have been almost exclusively audiobooks. So I figure by combining them I end up with a balanced post.


The Paternus Trilogy

I backed the Kickstarter for the hardback edition of the final book in the Paternus trilogy shortly after listening to the audiobook and I decided to treat myself (as well as pay back some of the kindness and encouragement I’ve received from Mr. Dyrk) to the first two books in hardback as well. The box and artwork were unexpected bonuses.

Speaking of the first two books, my reviews of them can be found here and here. I still intend toing a review of the final book at some point.

Kindle Books


The first book in the Empire of Resonance series, Beggar’s Rebellion, was a finalist in SPFBO 2019 and my review of it can be read here.

Both We Men of Ash and Shadow and The Iron Crown are finalists in the current SPFBO. My review of the first can be read here, with the other to follow shortly.

Thanks to a site-wide sale, I picked up a lot of new audiobooks, many of them either continuing, completing or filling in gaps in series I’ve been enjoying. I have the feeling I might want to space out the Malazan books, trying to go throught them all one after the other just increases the likelihood of burning out on them. But, as you can see, I now have plenty of new options to alernate between.

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