June Games

This month’s games were #TheMerryWriter and #WriterlyWIPChat.


  1. I’m Drew, most of the time and I enjoys 1) playing with our doggos, 2) listening to or reading film criticism & 3) the occasional video game.
  2. Probably not as often I should. As for how; at least as far as writerly peoples are concerned, by spreading the word about them best I can.
  3. How can I be the best version of me?
  4. A delayed #FF but I can’t choose just 1 person so: Alex Micati, D.M. Newlun, Dyrk Ashton, M.L. Spencer, C.T. Phipps, A.M. Justice, Jesse Teller, Rebekah Teller, Ben Galley, Elizabeth Mays, J.C. Kang, Lexi LeFevre, Paul Lavender, Ivet Putnam, David N. Humphrey & Stephanie Simpson.
  5. BREAK.
  6. BREAK.
  7. I wouldn’t say he’s fluent but he does know some bits and pieces of two or three other languages; for example, Book 2 does have him say a few things in both Russian and Japanese.
  8. Ash’s best friend is his cousin, Elizabeth Valerian.
  9. They were born within six months of each other and grew up together.
  10. Earlier on, Ash can be a bit more arrogant than he should be at times, mouthing off to some of the leaders of other Houses, among others. Of course, that does come back to bite him.
  11. Leaving aside the biological issues of Ash needing blood and being unable to go out during the day, I can see him quickly getting bored with my day job and wanting to quit so that he can go traveling or some such.
  12. BREAK.
  13. BREAK.
  14. If it was for an ally or a member of his House then, Ash wouldn’t hesitate. But he wouldn’t donate blindly. The rules about not leaving DNA that could reveal the existence of the Ceteri are a bit too ingrained for that.
  15. The first answer that comes to mind is Lady Mallory. She has a tendency to be elitist and have a superior attitude which is almost guaranteed to annoy me.
  16. Of the core cast, probably Quinn since he’s the most widely travelled of them. Plus, I’m sure he would have some good stories to go with it,
  17. Elizabeth, I think. She’s one of the more analytical of my characters and has a good eye for detail.
  18. I don’t think I’d want to introduce Carina to anyone, especially anyone in my family.
  19. BREAK.
  20. BREAK.
  21. You can find me here.
  22. It’s brought me into contact with a lot of other writers and I’ve learned a bunch from them.
  23. Not so far. Mainly I just collect articles for later reading.
  24. Yes, because I do have some headshots done by my wife who is a professional photographer (see below). No, because I don’t really have anything to use them as an author photo on.
  25. More or less…
  26. BREAK.
  27. BREAK.
  28. Much as I might like to go exploring, I don’t think I would because of the risk I wouldn’t come back. I couldn’t do that to my wife.
  29. I think I’d ask Sir Terry about the Discworld books he had in mind but never got a chance to write.
  30. I always wanted to be able to do magic tricks.


  1. I’m supposed to be Drew and, unfortunately, I haven’t been doing much in the way of writing lately. Something I’m working on.
  2. Based on the way several of the characters are feeling in book 3, I’d have to say it’s more negative.
  3. “Charmin’ enough that soon as her shift was over, she was a-bangin’ on mah motel door. An not too long after that, Ah was bangin..” “Yes, thank you.” I said quickly, cutting him off. “I love it when we share.” I told no one in particular.
  4. A delayed #FF but I can’t choose just 1 person so: Alex Micati, D.M. Newlun, Dyrk Ashton, M.L. Spencer, C.T. Phipps, A.M. Justice, Jesse Teller, Rebekah Teller, Ben Galley, Elizabeth Mays, J.C. Kang, Lexi LeFevre, Paul Lavender, Ivet Putnam, David N. Humphrey & Stephanie Simpson.
  5. I can’t think of anything specific right now.
  6. His fears about being about not being able to come back from where he is at the start of book 3.
  7. The core cast (Casey, Quinn, Jodie, MacReady & Mbejane) definitely would. Elizabeth, Great-Aunt Eve and maybe Anja if they could.
  8. My wife, Britt.
  9. Aside from the loyal remnants of House Valerius, then Ash’s biggest supporters are Lord Feodorenko, Lady Conrad, and the members of their respective Houses.
  10. The big man broke into a grin and enfolded me in a bear hug. “Hey, kid. You had us worried.” When Quinn released me, Jodie took her turn. She kept her hug brief, glancing at my face with a wince. I was happy enough to see them it didn’t bother me.
  11. His family which, to him, includes the people who have sworn loyalty to him such as Quinn, Jodie etc.
  12. Probably Elizabeth.
  13. Well, based on the opening of book 3, it takes a good talking to from Anja.
  14. Playing with the doggos will usually put a smile on my face.
  15. Because I want to know what happens to them next.
  16. Ash is on his own, having just been badly scarred, and is drifting about from city to city. He knows what he should be doing, but because he’s feeling both guilty and sorry for himself, he’s not taking much action.
  17. “If you don’t want to talk about it now, that’s okay,” Jodie said. “But you’re going to need to talk to someone about it sooner or later. You told me that I was going to have to face what happened to me & you were right about that. So, this is me telling you.”
  18. Well, based on the opening of book 3, he’s been struggling with the fallout from the previous installments for weeks and counting…
  19. I’m sure they do although right now the only example I can think of is Quinn outfitting his hideaway with solar panels and trying to make it as self-sustaining as possible.
  20. ebook – Capital Murders by Alex Micati. Audiobook – Drones by Rob J. Hayes.
  21. Posted a review this morning actually. You can read it here.
  22. Be complimentary about the craft. Try to explain what didn’t work for me but why it might work for someone else.
  23. Ash would take the critter in, get them warmed up and fed. Then he’d start looking for a shelter or similar because he can barely take care of himself right now.
  24. “I know some things about your family,” Anja said. “This isn’t the first time your House has had to rebuild itself.” She shrugged. “Change might be disruptive but use it, embrace it. Make yourself better because of it.”
  25. I’m more of a nighttime person.
  26. Some recommended reading: The Supervillainy Saga by C.T. Phipps, Dragon Mage by M.L. Spencer, The Paternus trilogy by Dyrk Ashton, and Tales from the Floating World by J.C. Kang.
  27. Ash would probably call his cousin, Elizabeth. She is a lawyer, after all.
  28. Rather boring but probably pay off the mortgage.
  29. First thing Ash would do is try to work out if there’s a way to collect without giving away his location or cover identity.
  30. *sad llama noises*

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

#WriterlyWIPChat – Kerri Davidson & Mark Gelinas, Sr.

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