December Book Haul

Recapping the books I got in December 2020.


I decided to invest in some paperback editions of a pair of authors who have been kind and supportive towards me on Twitter & Facebook and they were kind enough to sign them for me in return. My review of A Wizard’s Forge is here, and reviews of the first few novellas from the Floating World can be found on my Booknest column.

And Britt was kind enough to indulge me by getting the illustrated editions of the first three books in the Song of Ice and Fire series.

Kindle Books

As ever, the majority of these are either by authors I’ve already read or by ones that I’ve had recommended to me by people whose judgement I have faith in.

I’ve already gone through 2 out of the 3 books in the Agent G Omnibus so look for reviews on those shortly.


Safe to say, I got a lot of new audiobooks in December. The conjunction of not being able to come up with other Christmas gift ideas and a sale at Audible, resulted in the numerous books you see above. Granted, I have read some of them already, but it’s been a while for most of them and they were at a price I couldn’t really pass up.

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