October Book Haul

Here are the books I picked up last month.

Kindle Books

I’ve been hearing good things about We Ride The Storm for some time so I finally got myself a copy and hopefully I’ll be reading it soon. The same goes for the Cradle series, and when the majority of the series went on sale, well, it would be foolish not to get them.


Babylon’s Ashes was the only audio in the Expanse series I didn’t have yet, so when it showed up on sale, of course I grabbed it. The same goes for the Agatha Christie. I also picked up two Hunter S. Thompson books, especially the one about the 1972 presidential election, since it seemed like a timely read.

Plus, I was surprised and gratified to find the the majority (although not all) of my of my favorite science fiction series, the Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold was available as part of the Audible Plus library.

Advance / Review Copies

Many and more thanks to the ever-generous M.L. Spencer for the advance copy of her new novel, Dragon Mage. Looking forward to it.

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