May Games

This month’s games were #AuthorConfession, #TheMerryWriter, #WriterChronicles and #WriterlyWIPChat.


  1. Do a couple of new attacks by De Vries count?
  2. Much the same as he normally wears; jeans & t-shirts.
  3. Ra’s al Ghul from the Batman franchise. They’re both long-lived, they both want to remake society as they see fit and they sort of have a good point in their motives.
  4. Probably more on the dark side of things. Once you’ve had your MC sanction torturing someone…
  5. Ash has yet to discover the joys of Taco Tuesday. But since book 3 involves some time in New Mexico, it shouldn’t be too far away.
  6. If we replaced De Vries with Carole Baskins, I think that might actually make Ash’s job easier. I’m fairly sure she doesn’t have the same resources stashed away that De Vries has. Nor the connections in the rest of Ceteri society.
  7. Tulips, gladioli, lilies.
  8. Maybe a weapon, maybe what remains of his frozen blood supply. But right now, Ash isn’t really hiding anything since he isn’t staying in one place long enough for it to be necessary.
  9. Not quite a kid story since he was about twelve when it happened, but De Vries once challenged the heir to House Titian, who was 20 years his senior, after he thought the other had insulted De Vries’ mother.
  10. I let her read some of book one. She didn’t appreciate it much.
  11. Courtesy of the late Sir Terry: “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”
  12. I’ve done both.
  13. Left-brained I think.
  14. It’s your fault, my reflection hissed at me, driving the knife-edge of my guilt ever deeper. You failed her and now she’s dead. The words thrown at me by my subconscious cut me to the quick. My mind reverberated as the words repeated themselves over and over; failed, failed, failed, each time a death knell until I snapped.
  15. An abysmal 236.
  16. See below.
  17. Ever since he was younger, Ash has loved the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.
  18. Taking better care of myself.
  19. It would take something fairly major and I can’t think of anything that would fit the bill off the top of my head.
  20. De Vries would either use something to implicate Ash in his own misdeed or just something to mess with whoever found it. He’d probably find the notion amusing.
  21. It is to a few characters, although it’s not really a major element in any plot lines.
  22. No, and he’d want to make sure no-one else did either.
  23. Ash would be tempted to ask if he’ll beat De vries but would be worried about getting the wrong answer. Instead he’d ask how to ensure the safety of his friends.
  24. What the object of the hunt would be is less important than the potential distraction it could be to his enemies.
  25. I had to find a way to meet up with Quinn & the others. But when I did I’d have to tell them about the ambush. My mind shied away from the thought of that conversation, that confession; but there was no other option.
  26. I was this many days old when I realized I didn’t have any revelations today.
  27. Both of them have a tendency to mutter “Nevermore” at me.
  28. A – Angry S – Stubborn H – Hurting.
  29. “The Path to Power and Influence”.
  30. Too many, it feels like.
  31. Well, I haven’t gone stir crazy yet, does that count?


  1. Hi folks. I’m Drew, and as you can see, I’m frequently running late. I’m supposed to be working on my House Valerius urban fantasy series when I’m not procrastinating.
  2. No, I am not and, at least right now, I don’t want to be. For one, I’m not a good enough writer to make a living at it. I’m not disciplined or productive enough and we need the health insurance from my day job.
  3. No designated days off and the intention is to write every day. Sadly that’s not happening much right now.
  4. I don’t actually schedule anything. I just let things play out.
  5. Ash has yet to discover the joys of Taco Tuesday. But since book 3 involves some time in New Mexico, it shouldn’t be too far away.
  6. Weekdays, yes. Usually in the evenings and for a little while during my lunch break.
  7. Depends on the time of day. If it’s early, then I might stick at it, maybe switch up what I’m writing. If it’s late, then I’m more likely to call a halt.
  8. Not as much as I used to. Maybe I need to change that.
  9. BREAK.
  10. BREAK.
  11. I use prompts, but that’s about it. I’m open to any suggestions though…
  12. Not so far.
  13. I have book 3, plus a few short stories in various stages.
  14. Maybe not as much as I could, but it’s been know to happen.
  15. To be honest, that hasn’t happened for a wee while now.
  16. BREAK.
  17. BREAK.
  18. Coffee, or something else caffeinated.
  19. I’m not sure I have one specifically, maybe almonds.
  20. If I’m getting work done, I probably won’t stop unless I absolutely have to.
  21. If I find my attention wandering, that’s usually a good indicator to take a break.
  22. Not enough and certainly not consistently.
  23. BREAK.
  24. BREAK.
  25. Mainly reading.
  26. Play with the doggos.
  27. Still trying to work that one out.
  28. Yes, mainly orchestral/instrumental pieces from soundtracks.
  29. Not as such. Although, on weekdays, it’s more likely to be around 12:30 or 1 o’clock when I take my lunch break.
  30. No, but I should. I need to be better about making sure that I get enough sleep.
  31. Not for some time.


  1. I’m Drew, occasional writer and semi-professional nuisance.
  2. Work out what I’m doing
  3. “Got a present for ya, kid.” Quinn said, tossing a grey bundle at me. I caught it & shook it out. “Interceptor Multi-Threat Body Armour.” He said as I held the vest up. “Army uses the same thing. Ah want ya wearin’ that any time ya ain’t here. Ya got me?”
  4. My House Valerius urban fantasy series features a race of people called the Ceteri, who are the basis of all vampire legends. They have a mutation which makes them age maybe 1 year for every 30 & increases healing, but makes them need blood & avoid daylight.
  5. Hmm, well Ash is certainly the one that I’ve spent the most time with (and is also the one that has the most of my own personality). But, I do have to admit, both Quinn from the series and Mags from various short pieces are both a lot of fun to write.
  6. Gardener.
  7. See below.
  8. Not sure if I would say favourite but certainly the one that stuck in my head was the main character here.
  9. At this point, I’m neither.
  10. Kopile clerk,” She spat. “Asked if I wanted the room for the night or just the next hour.” Surprised by her ire, I kept my mouth shut. Anja grabbed her bag & began marching in the direction of our room, trailing an aggravated, “Like I’m his damn mother.
  11. As of book 3, since he’s been cut off from his actual family, Ash is putting together a surrogate family of the few people that have stayed loyal to him.
  12. Ash had one older brother but he died years before Ash was born. He does have his cousin Elizabeth who was born a few months before him, and they grew up together so he often considers her more like a sister.
  13. Ash’s father, Matthias, is alive. His mother Miranda, died in a car accident approx. 10 years before the start of book 1.
  14. See below.
  15. Ash would say so, yes.
  16. Yes. Ash’s father has been effectively imprisoned under the guise of medical treatment/recuperation with Ash being blamed for his injuries.
  17. It wasn’t until I actually saw them standing in the doorway to my room, that it hit me how much I’d wanted to see them again. Without words, I stepped forward and hugged them. They were my friends and I’d missed them. In that moment, it was all that mattered.
  18. Ash considers his cousin Elizabeth to be his closest friend.
  19. If you mean romantic feelings, no. He feels responsibility to do right by them since they’ve stuck with him in going on the run.
  20. Everybody needs friends, right. And I think Ash could really do with someone to confide in.
  21. See below.
  22. Right now, yes. Since Ash has been made persona non grata by the Curia, there aren’t many in the Ceteri that want to take the risk of associating with him.
  23. Yes. Some in the recent trouble with De Vries, some even before that.
  24. “Happy birthday!” Jodie sat a chocolate cake with a single candle burning atop it in the middle of the table. She gave Quinn a grin that was at least two parts mischief & said, “Of course, we’d need a much bigger cake if we wanted to get all 176 candles on here.”
  25. This year was quiet, for obvious reasons. We took a walk with the dogs down on the arroyo behind the house, then treated ourselves to takeout from our favourite Indian restaurant.
  26. Not a specific meal as such but I love that every year Britt wants to bake something for me. This year is was brownies with coconut frosting.
  27. Okay, this wasn’t strictly a present but I started work for my current employer as a temp on my birthday 2010. Since that’s kept me employed ever since and also helped us buy our home, I’m going to say that was the best.
  28. See below.
  29. More so since I got married. Britt tends to spoil me with a very nice meal on my birthday.
  30. We moved into our newly-bought home on my birthday, 2012.
  31. “Come summer, this place’ll git pretty warm durin’ the day, even down here.” Quinn said. “Dawn’s real early an’ it stays light up t’ nine or later. But, fer now, it’s gonna git below freezin’ & dark comes at five.” “Sounds as good as any place to hide out.”


  1. Hi, everyone. I’m Drew and here in New Mexico, the weather’s been getting pretty warm. Well, a good chunk of it is desert…
  2. I’m supposed to be working on my House Valerius urban fantasy series. And since books 1 & 2 and the first part of book 3 all take part in winter; it’s mostly dark and rainy, plus some snow when my characters are in Moscow.
  3. “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.” – Bruce Lee
  4. Not much so far. Everything I’ve written in the main storyline so far takes place in a 3-4 week period from Dec 2003 to Jan 2004.
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been that far from civilization but in terms of remoteness, either Orkney to the north of Scotland or the ABC islands in the Caribbean.
  6. A former army bunker in the Sierra Blanca mountains of New Mexico.
  7. (resisting the urge to quote Day in the Life lyrics again) Most days now it’s wake up, check my email, drag myself into the shower, dress, make coffee, feed the pets, then decide where I want to work for the day & log in.
  8. Just the one; make sure that he has a safe shelter from the dawn.
  9. Current reading – Fire & Blood by George R.R. Martin (audio) and Shattered Dreams by Ulff Lehman (Kindle).
  10. Not so much. Ash’s mother died when he was a teenager, approximately a decade before the series starts. I suppose there is a little in book 1, since his Aunt Sara acts like a mother figure to him.
  11. Not so far.
  12. Ash’s greatest burden is probably that he thinks he has to (and will never) measure up to his father’s example.
  13. “Kid, ya look like hell.” Quinn told me. “Ain’t surprising, after everything, but ya gotta ease down some. Take a day ta let yer body catch up.” My attempt at a reply was stolen by a yawn that nearly dislocated my jaw.
  14. I don’t think Ash would have much difficulty adjusting to my life, although he’d have to work out a way of getting a blood supply. As for me, I’m not sure how long I’d last in Ash’s position.
  15. Depends on the book, but if it’s a longer chapter I don’t mind section breaks as much. Same goes for chapter length, it depends on how invested I am in the events of that chapter.
  16. It’s a bit of both but I think nurture has the greater effect.
  17. The first one that comes to mind is the opening line of Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. – “It rained toads the day the White Council came to town.”
  18. Graduating from university.
  19. Not much, he was 7 at the time.
  20. A kukri.
  21. Now that you ask, I don’t think I’ve made any mention of wildlife in the series so far…
  22. Yes and no. Some of the older Ceteri consider themselves a race apart from the rest of humanity.
  23. Not as far as I’m aware.
  24. See below.
  25. We do have critters, but not offspring. 2 dogs – Callie & Rocket. 2 cats – Clyde & Oliver.
  26. No, Ash is not a parent and currently has no plans to be one.
  27. Intermittently.
  28. Whimsical.
  29. Searching.
  30. Not so far. And, since a good portion of book 3 is moving to New Mexico, I don’t see that it will any time soon.
  31. Not to my knowledge.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

#WriterChronicles – Amber Elzinga

#WriterlyWIPChat – Kerri Davidson & Mark Gelinas, Sr.

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