April Games

This month’s games were #AuthorConfession, #WriterChronicles and #WriterlyWIPChat.


  1. A House Valerius knock knock joke…
  2. A bit of each – drafting book 3, editing books 1 & 2 (in theory).
  3. Next to the beta fishies…
  4. So far, haphazardly.
  5. Probably go on a suicide run against De Vries, hoping to take him with him.
  6. I’m going to say blackcurrant.
  7. De Vries purpose, or so he tells himself, is to create a fairer society.
  8. “Turns out Miss Thing was Mrs. Deputy Sheriff,” Mac said. “He comes tearin’ ass into the motel parkin’ lot. Pulls up in a prowler, lights & sirens on full, jumps out with it still runnin’, hollerin’ all kindsa shit.
  9. Being willing to do what they believe is the right thing, even if it costs them.
  10. Yes and no. Ash did have an older brother, Jonas, but he died years before Ash was born. He does have a cousin, Elizabeth. They were born less than a year apart and generally consider themselves more like siblings.
  11. How much more there is to it than I originally thought.
  12. Some e.g. “Your secondary I.D. is ready.” She slid a slid reddish-brown booklet across the table. I picked it up and began flicking through the passport until got to the page with my photograph. “Eric Brooks? What the hell kind of name is that?”
  13. I read M.L. Wang’s Sword of Kaigen earlier this month for #spfbo – you can read my review here. And I’m currently beta reading a novel but I can’t talk about it yet under pain of being hunted down & fed to a pack of dracipiters…
  14. Well, one that got brought up recently was The Sapphire Rose by David Eddings, specifically the death of Kurik the squire.
  15. I haven’t written any in years.
  16. In no particular order: Dune, Anno Dracula, Guards! Guards!, Neverwhere, The Maltese Falcon.
  17. How far my characters will go to acheive their goals.
  18. Both. Most of the time De Vries keeps himself tightly controlled but every now and then he does have an outburst.
  19. Hey Jude by The Beatles.
  20. Something low maintenance and nocturnal would be best. Maybe a snake or reptile.
  21. Not a clue. I don’t think I’ve seen more than an episode of either version.
  22. To retain his freedom.
  23. That would be a significant power upgrade for De Vries, so he would probably use his new-found advantage to speed up his timetable.
  24. Well, social media is in it’s infancy at the time the books are set but if it had been available, I think De Vries would probably comb Facebook looking things he might be able to exploit.
  25. See below.
  26. My wife, Britt.
  27. Of the major characters, I think Mbejane might be the most likely. He’s the only one without Praetorian training and, as a doctor, might try to help the infected and put himself at risk.
  28. Wednesday, because I feel like I’m only halfway through.
  29. No, he left all that behind a long time ago.
  30. I don’t think Ash could be drafted, not with the whole allergic to daylight thing.


  1. Contemporary genetic vampires.
  2. More than a little overwhelmed, to be honest.
  3. Several. Can Ash and his friends do anything to stop De Vries? Are Ash’s dreams really prophetic or is that just an old family story? How are the changes in the Curia going to affect things?
  4. I won’t tell you the actual lie Ash told since that’s spoiler territory. What I will say is that it was to the Curia and it’s at least partly the reason they sided with De Vries instead of with him.
  5. “I’ve met Johanna Mallory twice now,” Anja said. “Not that I’d expect her to remember. She has a way of putting the people she sees as no use out of her mind. If they can’t be used to benefit her & they don’t give her the worship she thinks she deserves…”
  6. Not so much, since the series is set in 2003-2004. There are a few references to events of that time though.
  7. See below.
  8. Ash has been a bit messy in the past but right now he’s forcing himself to be tidy. Now that he’s potentially being hunted by both De Vries & the Curia, he wants everything where he can get it in case he needs to leave in a hurry.
  9. I’m not sure where the Valerian came from but I chose Ash because I’m a big fan of the Evil Dead films.
  10. I hope I do good dialogue.
  11. Ash doesn’t really drink all that much since too much alcohol has a negative impact on Ceteri biology. But the last time, it was sharing a bottle of Jack Daniels with Quinn and Casey.
  12. “As far as Mallory, Pavlovitch, and Raines are concerned House Valerius is as good as gone but they’re not going to take even the remotest chance of you accomplishing some kind of resurrection.” “I didn’t think they were considering me that capable,” I said drily.
  13. Ash always liked trying to puzzle out the killer in Cluedo (or Clue for our American viewers).
  14. See below.
  15. I’m answering this one a week late. That seems pretty emblematic of how things are going just now…
  16. Before they had to leave Shadowcroft & go on the run, Casey would play first-person shooters & Ash would either join her or go hide in the library. Quinn watches sports. Sometimes MacReady will join him, sometimes he’ll just listen to music.
  17. Mainly radio or CD. Digital music is still in the early days.
  18. When The Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin.
  19. Elizabeth regarded me patiently. “I appreciate you worrying about me and wanting me to be safe but,” She hesitated for a moment, then continued, the words leaving her in a rush. “What good would I be if I went into hiding?”
  20. More often Ash would be inclined to fight but it would depend on the odds. Three to one or more and he’d run.
  21. See below.
  22. I think we’d both say Samoas.
  23. In terms of his existing family, Ash has his father, uncles, an aunt and two cousins (well, the 2nd is on the way). In terms of having a family, it’s not something currently on his radar.
  24. They frequently do.
  25. Ash likes sour gummies.
  26. Instead, I said, “I don’t think I’ve actuallythanked you, have I?” She said nothing, but there was a shake of her head as an answer. “I can’t offer much.” Which was true, although based on what I’d seen she had no shortage of funds. “But if we do succeed in reestablishing House Valerius then you will always be welcome there and, even if we don’t, if i am ever in a position to offer you any form of assistance, then all you have to do is ask.”
  27. I’ve had them talking obliquely in case of being listened to and using numbers when in a tactical situation.
  28. See below.
  29. The majority don’t. Quinn would tell you he doesn’t but he’s never been very discrete.
  30. I’ve had better.


  1. I’m Drew and the last thing that made me laugh was this.
  2. My WIP is my House Valerius urban fantasy series and I think its unique point is the genetic not supernatural basis for my vampires.
  3. Money, guns, information. Basically, anything they can use to fight De Vries.
  4. Frequently sarcastic, occasionally juvenile.
  5. (using predictive text) – My WIP will be the first to get a new home from a great friend. Hmm, I wonder who?
  6. I work at a local credit union, mainly dealing with mortgages.
  7. Technically, Ash doesn’t have an occupation although, with his father imprisoned, he is acting head of House Valerius. Not that that means much since the Curia declared him a renegade.
  8. “So he’s layin’ it on pretty thick, she’s givin’ as good as she’s gettin’, and before long he’s askin’ me to postpone our drive south so him an’ Miss Thing can get horizontal.” MacReady said, with a grin. “So, how does that end with you getting shot at?”
  9. Pause. Rewind. Subtitles.
  10. Guards! Guards! by the late Sir Terry.
  11. I’ll be honest, that feels so far away from me I haven’t got a clue.
  12. “An’ he was takin’ money from someone to be stirrin’ up some shit in the Park there. Object was t’make House Grozny look bad.” “Kurgan.” Casey put in quietly and Quinn nodded his agreement. “Nuff bad blood there t’fuel a coupla decent-sized wars.”
  13. Even though at least three of my major characters, including Ash, are fond of pranks, I honestly can’t think of a specific example right now.
  14. My wife, Britt.
  15. I think I’d probably say satire although I do love a good play on words. For a prime example, see here.
  16. The late Sir Terry.
  17. I’m more likely to sleep in.
  18. Biscuits with sausage gravy.
  19. We were in some 24-hr diner on the edge of town when I got the call. It was either answer it or continue to struggle with my burger but the rapidly cooling puddle of grease it was sitting in didn’t exactly fill me with appetite.
  20. Casey, Quinn, or both. They might not be quite as invested in stopping De Vries as Ash is but they’d carry on the fight somehow.
  21. I wish I knew.
  22. I think it would depend on the story. If it was done in a nice enough manner, I think I might be able to accept it.
  23. Actually, the majority have been pretty supportive.
  24. Quinn is probably the most fun to write.
  25. Well, aside from here, there’s my column on Booknest.
  26. See below.
  27. At the moment, more time is spent reading.
  28. I’m fairly indifferent.
  29. I’m not sure I can pick a favourite. Ash is definitely the most like me but Mags is a lot of fun to write, with her sneak thievery and such.
  30. More than one, actually. I have series about them here.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#WriterChronicles – Amber Elzinga

#WriterlyWIPChat – Kerri Davidson & Mark Gelinas, Sr.

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