February Games

This month’s games were #AuthorConfession and #TheMerryWriter.


  1. House in Exile actually has more romantic elements than the previous books, thanks to the relationship forming between Ash and Mitsuko. Needless to say, it’s not going to run smoothly though…
  2. The main thing I want to accomplish is getting myself organised and back to work.
  3. My favourite motivational quote…
  4. In writing terms, the main thing I’ve avoided doing is letting people read (or more dangerously, critique) the House Valerius pieces.
  5. I got to spend a little bit of time with one of my favourite couples and had a bit of a laugh, which I needed.
  6. I think Ash and I would be friends, although it might be a case of us being too similar and end up seeing the worst in each other.
  7. I skipped this one at the time.
  8. I usually like learning about history (which makes me wonder why I didn’t do more of it at school) and language.
  9. Something/someone I love – I think this says it best.
  10. Spend time with family and friends.
  11. Procrastination. But it would be delayed.
  12. – Stop De Vries. – Regain both his & his father’s swords. – Restore House Valerius.
  13. I’d say De Vries is happy enough with who he is, despite some ambivalence in his younger days.
  14. If De Vries was like to go in for Valentines, which I doubt, it would be Carina Bulat.
  15. Raspberry.
  16. His friends (Casey, Quinn, Jodie & MacReady) and their loyalty.
  17. Having control. Over the people who once looked down on him, over the people who might try to dismiss him.
  18. Well, Ash is a bit of a film buff.
  19. We remained silent but I could feel there was something building, the weight of whatever was unsaid gradually taking up more & more space between us. It was only once Quinn began snoring that she finally spoke.
  20. Ash would start planning a search and rescue mission.
  21. While I can’t think of a specific product, technically Ash is a shareholder in Valerian Industries so there probably are things beings made & sold on his behalf. I should probably flesh that out at some point.
  22. I’m horrible at pitching so, erm… Blamed for his enemy’s actions and hunted by the rest of his society, Ash Valerian has to find a way to restore his name and protect the few friends that remained loyal to him.
  23. Well, I’m not sure the world in general needs it but I need it and I’m part of the world so….
  24. Ash will fight for the reputation of his House and the friends that have stuck with him.
  25. Sparingly. De Vries prefers to take his time, especially for something he’ll enjoy.
  26. Fight monsters without becoming a monster. (A little bit cliche perhaps, but it is appropriate)
  27. Definitely Carina Bulat; she’s devoted to him.
  28. I’d say having a website is important, at the very least.
  29. Well, the main place is here.


  1. I’m Drew. I’m older than I look, not as smart as I appear and frequently given to indolence. I make attempts at writing; mostly in my House Valerius urban fantasy world, although I have tried other work.
  2. My happy place has trees, greenery, running water, very good internet and unlimited coffee. Oh, and very large bookshelves.
  3. My favourite motivational quote…
  4. Not as much as I would like to be. It’s something I want to try working on this year.
  5. What kind of insane question is this? I’d be a notebook, obviously.
  6. I think it changes depending on the day or on my mood.
  7. I had to look it up but, according to Wikpedia: The word is derived from the Greek Andreas itself related to Ancient Greek: aner/andros, “man”, thus meaning “manly” and, as consequence, “brave”, “strong”, “courageous”, and “warrior”.
  8. BREAK.
  9. BREAK.
  10. I think I’d have to say autumn/fall. It’s cooler without being cold, plus you get all the changing colours.
  11. My adventuring hat.
  12. My wife, Britt.
  13. Getting myself motivated and working again after all the disruption of the past few weeks.
  14. Yes, but that was long ago and in another country.
  15. BREAK.
  16. BREAK.
  17. Sketching.
  18. My wife, Britt. She’s one of the kindest, most giving people I know.
  19. Woke up, got out of bed, Dragged the comb across my head. Made my way downstairs and drank a cup then, looking up, I noticed I was late. Found my coat and grabbed my hat, Made the bus in seconds flat.
  20. Someone where I could experience something I’m not likely to get the chance to as myself. An astronaut, perhaps.
  21. Honest Answer: iPhone, credit card, keyring, PS3/Xbox controller, PC mouse. Fuck with people answer: Blood-stained clothing, knife, confession to fake murders, assorted locks of hair, one of those Garfield car window toys.
  22. BREAK.
  23. BREAK.
  24. The main thing causing me stress just now is a family situation.
  25. I think it would depend on the day but I’d probably choose the seaside more often than not.
  26. Well, this is a likely candidate…
  27. A good film is always an option.
  28. I can’t think of a good answer to this one.
  29. Personal responsibility.

As Always, Thanks to the hosts:

#AuthorConfession – J.M. Sullivan & Jessica Julien

#TheMerryWriter – Ari Meghlen & Rachel Poli

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