January Book Haul

A new type of post for me. But since I’ve got a bunch of new books, of various formats, in the past month I thought I might share them with you just in case you see something you might like for yourself.


Since I’m still invested in ASOIAF, I put the new Targaryean history down as one of the options for my office Secret Santa. Thank you, Lynn. As for the Wild Cards books, I discovered them years ago but only recently started collecting them after discovering that Tor is reprinting the earliest ones in large-sized paperback with new covers, along with the new releases. Plus, a lot of the Wild Cards authors are local to NM so there’s a good chance of getting this signed at Bubonicon this Autumn.

Kindle Books

Among the kindle books that I purchased this month were two by authors that I’ve read and enjoyed before. Plus I grabbed a new anthology (I’ve told you how much I like short story collections, right?) and a bookbub deal that I snagged mainly on the recommendation of one of my Tweeples. The two bundles were also recommended, being written by friends of friends, so to speak.


I got significantly more audiobooks than normal this month, due to a combination of having some Christmas money and a couple of sales. Some of these I had either read before and really enjoyed, but the majority were already on my to-read list. I’ve already got through two or them and I’m working on a third so look for reviews soon.

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