August Goals

At this point, we’re more than halfway through the year, and I’m feeling the need to get myself organized so that I can consider that I’ve actually accomplished something in 2018. So, with that in mind, I’m going to try focusing on the three main areas and then breaking those down into action items. There will be a degree of overlap but, we’re speaking generally here…

House In Exile


The things I need to do with regards to House In Exile are straight-forward. I need to:

  1. Write every day, by any means necessary. Whether that means using sprints, writing prompts or trying to flesh out random ideas.
  2. Finish typing up my hand-written bits and pieces.
  3. Sort through all those fragments to see what (if any) are usable and what is to be cast into the Oubliette folder.

The Scribblings


Earlier this week I tried to put together a template of my posts of the average month, as shown above. In order to follow that template, I’ll have to both plan my reading and topics in advance, as well as space them out consistently. Granted half of them have (roughly) fixed times to be posted but the others I can set out whenever. I’d prefer not to go too long between posts.

General Online Presence


While I’m doing all of those I also want to maintain a decent presence online. After all, it doesn’t do much too good to write to posts, if no-one’s reading them. So I should be Tweeting, interacting in the few Facebook groups I’m part of and posting more pictures (and links) on Instagram.

I think that covers it for the moment. Let’s see if I can turn this month, and this year, around.

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