January Goals

I think I want to keep my goals for January simple & straight-forward; my way of easing myself into the new year. A lot of this month will be focused on planning and preparing for the rest of the year but I do still intend to get some writing done. One of my goals for the year was to write every day, after all. But, at least for now, I won’t be pushing for a specific word count per day.

There are also a couple of things I have agreed to take on, since I was asked, and they will be my other focus.

  • 2 blog posts per week (minimum).

I said in my 2018 post, I want to get back to consistent blog posts. And there’s no better time to start than now.

As I think I mentioned elsewhere, I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this anthology by one of the contributing authors, with the understanding that I would review it prior to its release mid-February. But I’d like to get this done early.

  • Complete the beta-read I was asked to do.

I must have done something right last year; since that author of my last (first, only) beta-read has asked me back to do the same for their latest book. I’m determined to get this one done quicker than I did the previous.

  • Come up with a workable schedule

One that somehow incorporates time for work, health (either rehab or exercise), family, and writing. Oh, and I should probably sleep at some point too, I suppose.

  • Plan/structure/work out what the hell I’m doing with House in Exile.

Again, as mentioned in my last post, I want to get this done early in the year so that I don’t end up in November hoping that the mad dash that is NaNoWriMo will help me finish it off when I’m still not sure what happens when. Or how. Or even to whom. Planning has never been my strong suit so I hope this will be instructive.

I think that will do for starters.

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