On the QL

So, I spent a good deal of yesterday in pain, thanks to what is currently believed to be a torn Quadratus lumborum (QL) muscle. How much of that damage is the result of my recent accidents is unknown but it would seem likely that they didn’t help matters. It also seems strange that something so simple and ordinary as setting a cup of coffee on my desk would be the thing that would set things off.

After a co-worker kindly drove me to urgent care, I spent a couple of hours in various waiting rooms, before getting a prescription for some muscle relaxants. I was also able to get an appointment with a nearby chiropractor. Which I’m glad I did since that really helped. I got an X-Ray (results tomorrow), some massage which loosened some of the knots and then trigger-point injections at the most sensitive areas. The latter two got me able to stand upright and walk a lot better than I had in the morning.

Getting up again this morning was tough (I’d been told it would be, but still). But, between medication and alternating hot and cold packs, I’m doing okay. True, I can’t stay in one position for too long, and I’m still moving pretty slowly when I do get up, it’s still an improvement from yesterday.

The result of all this is that I have a couple of days of downtime to heal. Hopefully, I can make use of some of that time to work on some ideas…

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