Heart & Mind, Body & Soul

I hadn’t really intended to, but I ended up taking a few days off. While there is still a part of me that feels guilty about doing so, the greater part of me is actually feeling a lot better for having done so.

“But what about our monthly goals?” That other part of me asks.

Well, Self,” I says. “Having those goals is a good thing. But taking care of ourselves is better, no?”

That’s predominantly where my head has been. I’ve found myself struggling lately, frequently feeling like I had no time for anything and feeling pretty miserable as a result. True, taking the past few days off means that there’s every chance that I’m going to fail in those short term goals and fall further behind with my long term plans but if I drive myself into the ground (one way or another) that’s more likely to have even longer lasting effects. That might sound like rationalisation on my part but what is, is.

What the past few days did accomplish: I feel more rested and physically better than I have, possibly since the beginning of the year. I also got to catch up on my reading a bit, with a very good book. You can expect a review on that later in the week. Most importantly of all, I got a chance to spend some quality time with my wife. That alone would have made it worthwhile.

Still, back to work tomorrow,  I suppose.



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