Of the Month's Frustrations

Well, that’s a bit misleading. If I’m honest it’s more like the year so far but that didn’t sound like as good a title.

First off, let me apologise because this has an equal danger of turning into a rant and/or a whinging session, so I’m sorry if it does. Consider this your chance to step away before I get started…

Still here? Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with myself on several fronts lately. Since this blog is supposed to be about my writing, that’s what I’m going to focus on although it’s not the only thing that’s been bothering me.

It feels like I can’t focus half the time. Which means, of course, that I’m not producing as much as I think I should and am unsatisfied with what I am managing to get out. I really had hoped that I’d be further along with things, and getting better about my process by now. But for whatever reason, I seem to keep getting bogged down with book 3 instead of pushing forward. And I’m not sure what to do or how to snap myself out of it.

Do I need to stop trying to force myself? Do I need to put things on hold, go back to my plan and try expanding it so I’m clearing on what I want to happen and what I want to say? Do I need to try working on something else for a little while and hope that changes my mental gears? Do I need to accept that maybe I’m not cut out for this? Do I need to shut the hell up?

For now, that last one sounds right.


3 thoughts on “Of the Month's Frustrations”

  1. I’ve read a few pieces you’ve written and loved them. You’re a talented writer. I think we all lose focus and struggle at times.

    I will usually write something new. A lot of times that’s all that’s necessary. I also check what I’m reading. Sometimes what I’m reading changes my focus and hampers my writing. Just remember you’re talented, and you can do this.

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  2. Forcing the issue never works for me, and I end up in the cycle of guilt. My advice, take a breather, as in a few deep breathes, and rearrange your goals. Maybe the way you have worded them is off-putting? That’s what I find more often. Good Luck!

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