January Goals Review

Well, January was a bit of a mixed bag, at least as far as my goals went. I’m not entirely happy with the way things panned out but I do feel relatively good about at least some of the results I got.

I had three goals for January, and I hit two of them. I suppose, looking back, that it was the easier two that I got but I fell down on the hardest.

  • Write up my notes for the beta-read.

I finally buckled down and got this one. I will admit to being a bit nervous when I emailed my notes to the author. But looks like I was lucky and they were well received. I still feel bad that it took me as long as it did. All in all, I think it was a good experience for me since it helped me think about applying some of the same questions to my own writing. I wouldn’t rule out doing another beta-read at some point but I think I’d need to approach it in a bit more of a systematic approach.

  • Write two book reviews.

I said two, I actually got three in. Granted the third was for a shorter work, but I still read it and I still wrote the review. So I can be happy about this one, at least. Plus it puts me in a relatively good position for my Goodreads target of 52 books for 2017.

  • Write some fiction every day.

Sadly, this is the one of the three that I missed. True, same days were better than others, which is only to be expected, but there were days where I could have pushed myself harder. Those days, I don’t have an excuse for not writing. I need to remember that, and I need to apply myself more in February.

So, two out of three. Definitely could have been better. So, for February, I need to realize where I went wrong and how best to avoid it going forward. And, speaking of February, those goals should be posted in by the end of the week.


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