A Fresh Start

Welcome to the new home of House Valerius.

My wife recently asked me to think about what would make me happier with myself, something which has a variety of answers, depending on what aspect of me we’re talking about.

But, one of the simplest answers was writing. In one form or another, I’ve been writing almost as long as I can remember. Starting with small creative writing lessons in school, through to the stories I would write as a means of coping with a personal loss, my first attempt at a novel, the poetry I used to write at university, to the start of my most ambitious project yet; the House Valerius series.

So when Britt asked what would make me happier, one of my first thoughts was to get back to my writing. And as a means of helping with that, I decided to resurrect my blog page.

Well, that was my intention. Instead, again thanks to some prompting from Britt, I’ve created a new one here. Hopefully it turns out well.

Along with new posts, I do intend to repost some entries from the old blogpage, updated for newly written material of course. I’ve left the old page in place for the moment, although all content has been removed, save a link redirecting here.

Anyways, here’s to a fresh start, to feeling better about myself and, hopefully, continuing with the series in a much timely manner than I’ve managed up until now….

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